Who We Are

We are listeners
• User engagement and customer assessment are the hallmark of our design process. We act on the challenges employees and employers face in managing their compensation plans.
We are professionals
• We have decades of investment, plan administration and technology experience. We apply the lessons of the past to generate tomorrow’s solutions.
We are innovators
• We know there is always a better way, challenging us to redefine the status quo.
We are committed
• Everyone who works at Link is a shareholder. We collaborate and consult and drive each other to be the best we can be.

Our Company

All about Link

The goal of every workplace savings plan is to attract, retain and reward valued employees. To us this means providing employers a straightforward administration platform that exceeds their members’ expectation for service, performance, and education.

To be the go-to solutions provider of financial wellness benefit plans and to help members get the best possible retirement outcomes.

We believe in innovation, education, and collaboration. These principles drive our business, our professional development and partnerships, and our place in industry and community.

In 1999, when our founder and his partner created Solium Capital – a company formed in recognition that technology could produce superior administration for corporate administrators and a better experience for stock plan members – developing a better way was the driving force.

Today, we recognize the inefficiencies that exist in workplace savings plans and we have once again employed technology and innovative solutions to assist employers better manage their plans, and to provide members a platform designed to get them better retirement outcomes.

Choose right, choose Link

  • A Cloud-based Solution

    Technology and infrastructure enable us to deliver our clients affordable solutions without compromising service, performance or professional management.

  • Employee Engagement

    Engaged employees are at the heart of any successful workplace plan. Link works with employees until they understand the benefits of their plan - this includes ready access to a professional portfolio manager.

  • Goal driven, low cost portfolios

    Member portfolios are built on two important investment principles: Asset allocation and fees, both of these have a profound effect on the end value of the portfolio.

Financial Wellness Benefit Plans

Create a culture of caring